By highlighting rimes, the Noah Text® early readers effortlessly draws attention to what is systematic and informative within our language. The importance of learned rime patterns is at the core of sound reading instruction enabling children to recognize syllables in multisyllable words for ease in future reading and decoding. If a reader does not have a well-honed awareness of this kind, which is very common for struggling readers, the Noah Text® chapter books highlight the syllables and long vowels enabling individuals to decode multisyllable words more accurately and more fluently while building reading skill. Noah Text® does this without compromising the interest level of the book it is applied to. Miriam Cherkes-Julkowski, Ph.D., Professor, Educational Psychology, retired, Educational Diagnostician and Consultant, NY, AZ, CT

As choices for decodable readers have historically been fairly limited, Noah Text® brings a breath of fresh air to this market. The use of onset and rime with the font differentiation along with the syllables is just pure genius! Noah Text® definitely helps both developing readers and struggling readers decode text much more fluently, giving them confidence, while simultaneously building decoding and fluency skill. The fact that a student can be reading a Noah Text® book in the classroom, while the other students are reading the same book in plain text is certainly an added benefit. This alleviates the stigma struggling students so often feel in school. Linnea Johnson, Resource Support Coordinator, Meadowbrook Waldorf School, preschool-8th grade, RI

Noah Text® has been a remarkable literacy tool in my classroom for the past three academic years. For students who struggle with reading fluency and accuracy, using the multisensory text has alleviated the habit of "guessing". Students who normally would struggle to read one chapter of a book were soon reading all three books in Noah Text®. For these middle school students, using a scaffold text to make them independent readers has been astounding. They are becoming confident readers; they are willing to become engaged in the reading process and willing to take the risk of reading aloud. Noah Text® is innovative and a real "game-changer" for those who struggle to read the printed word. Just like large printed books, Noah Text® should be available for all printed materials to alleviate the pain of reading for those with dyslexia. I think Noah Text® would revolutionize reading for kids learning to read or struggling readers. Amy Geary, MS Special Education & Literacy, Middle School Reading Consultant, Montville Public Schools, CT

In my reading class we just finished your series The Mystical Years of Franklin Noah Peterson and my class absolutely loved it, mostly me. All of us read it faster than any other period our teacher teaches! Noah Text® really helped me read. Being someone who has dyslexia and had cancer when they were two, it’s hard to find books that are easy for me to read! Middle School Student with Dyslexia

Blodgett’s use of Noah Text® in the books she writes helps the struggling reader jump aboard with his peers, while reading a chapter book, and ends the cycle of him being left behind. I am extremely pleased with how Noah Text® helps the struggling reader come into his own as a proficient reader. Jennifer Smeltser, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, The Trade Magazine for Homeschooling Families

The sense of security, self-esteem, and pride a child experiences when able to finish reading a paragraph, then a page and finally a book is immeasurable. Sarah’s Noah Text® books are a tool to aid children to achieve just that! RI Tutorial & Educational Services, A consortium of highly trained master teachers serving kindergarten-adult throughout RI and Southeastern MA

I am a huge fan of your Noah Text® books, and would recommend it to any teacher of reading who is interested in getting remedial readers into reading and enjoying books. Thank you so much! Deborah Phillips, M.Ed., Reading Specialist, kindergarten-adult, RI Tutorial Educational Services

Sarah really gets it! She really understands how the words need to be broken down. Teenager with Dyslexia

If all books were in Noah Text®, I would read everything. It makes reading so much easier. You need to go to congress about this! It needs to be in an app! High School Student/Struggling Reader

I have implemented Noah Text® into my lesson plan for reading in both my classes, Adult Basic Education One (literacy level) and ESL (English as Second Language). My students are showing remarkable improvement especially in confidence in decoding unfamiliar words during reading. Norma Wallace, Teacher, Northern State Prison, NJ​

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