Brief Overview

Noah Text® Overview

Noah Text® is a specialized scaffolded text designed to help new readers, struggling readers, those with dyslexia, and ESL/ELL individuals.  It was designed based on the fact that the English writing system is one of the most irregular, complex writing systems in the world, requiring two to three times more reading instruction time and practice compared to most other languages, leading to higher rates of dyslexia and struggle. Noah Text®“simulates” what predictable regular languages already do by allowing for self-teaching.* Noah Text® guides the reader toward the most critical information within our writing system – patterns - bringing predictability to a system that is otherwise unpredictable. It alleviates the burdens an irregular writing system puts on working memory and increases both fluency and speed, thus, creating a more fluid and relaxed independent reading experience, while enhancing and building reading skills.

Noah Text® is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Many individuals take right off reading it and are amazed how it improves their overall reading ability.  Some students require a little guidance as to what these highlighted patterns mean before seeing its resultant effects.

Predictable written languages have clear syllable breaks and predictable vowel patterns. The importance of this is obvious. When we don’t know a word, those are the first things we look for. Thus, to “simulate” a predictable language, we must simply highlight these important features. We highlight syllable breaks and accentuate long vowels, similar to an acute accent mark, which is used in many languages. We also highlight patterns within one syllable words. We do all this while keeping words intact

This is an example of the way words look in a higher level book modified in Noah Text® (Syllables + Long Vowels):

The pronunciation of nation is different from national, as well as the words sign and signature. This is confusing to new and struggling readers and to those that are dyslexic. That’s why Noah Text® highlights critical patterns. It’s like giving the reader a key to the puzzle!

This is an example of the way words look in a simple early reader modified in Noah Text® (Rimes + Long Vowels**):

These small words teach us how to read when chunks are in bold, such as would, could, should, and light, night, right, and fight!

Noah Text

Noah Text® comes in several versions to give educators and individuals optimum flexibility

Syllables + Long Vowels

Just Syllables

Just Long Vowels

Rimes + Long Vowels**

Just Rimes**

Bridging The Divide Between Whole Language and Phonics

Noah Text

To the whole language philosophy, Noah Text® honors meaningful reading experiences. Noah Text® can be applied to any book without altering the richness and depth of the story. To the science of phonics, it honors what is systematic within our language - onset/rime instruction, vowel sound instruction, and syllable segmentation – all things we know enhance phonological awareness and fluency. As well, Noah Text® honors cross linguistic research noting the critical need to make our writing system as predictable as possible by making patterns VISIBLE to the reader. And it honors the science of linguistics, noting the critical features of the rime and syllable.

Noah Text® is currently endorsed by Educational Diagnostician and Consultant, Dr. Miriam Cherkes-Julkowski. Because of varying abilities and specific learning disabilities, some individuals may use Noah Text® as a short-term tool; others may use it as a long-term tool. Of course, this also depends on the complexity of the text they are reading.  We’ve also found Noah Text® to be a great tool for students that are transitioning out of a structured reading program using decodable texts.

*The key predictor of children requiring intensive reading instruction in English is poor phonological awareness skills. Yet this is rarely the case in languages with consistent writing systems, as the predictability of the language itself ameliorates this issue. That’s why we need to make our writing system as predictable as possible.

 **Note: The word “rime” is a linguistic term and refers to the pattern of letters starting with the vowel and going to the end of the syllable.